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built-in anti-DDoS protection

provided free of charge to all virtual and dedicated servers

24/7 whole year

provided free of charge to virtual and dedicated servers

all from Russia

fast connection, minimal latency

up to 600Gbps

fine purification with point packet filtration

uptime 99,8%

we minimize your losses

up to 2000Gbps

rough protection

no captcha

without additional verification for users


protection for any application is already on all servers

select your server

with ddos protection already enabled. select: virtuals, dedicated

potential looses

simple calculator, enter your annual turnover and find out what losses you can incur depending on downtime without DDoS protection

annual turnover, thousand $


downtime, hours



~ potential looses, $


you don't need to pay for anything, you are already protected


DDoS protection is included with each of our servers

frequently asked questions

if you haven't found the answers to your question, write to the chat, we will tell you

  • Protection has two types:
    Standard DDoS protection copes with the most common attacks and does not cut off legitimate (clean, user) traffic.
    Advanced DDoS- protection also works well as standard, and is suitable for any application, including game servers (only in Moscow) and high-loaded Internet projects. But it is intended for those who are worried about very specific, targeted attacks by competitors and intruders.

    Don't know which one is right for you?
    > You have a small project or business, a low probability of attacks tailored to you competitors? - choose standard protection
    > Are you a large business or a high-load project with high requirements for protection? - choose extended

    Your business is safe with us. Always!

  • We provide the best protection against DDoS attacks in Russia and the CIS. This is possible thanks to the cooperation with the large company StormWall and the principle of protection "One for all and all for one". We protect all our clients and all their resources all the time, you do not have to pay for the service separately. In addition, the cost of our servers is not much different from competitors.

  • Basic protection filters attacks at levels 3-4 of the OSI model.
    Extended protection also filters L3-L4 attacks and additionally L7 for specific TCP/UDP services.

  • More than 2 Tbps is filtered without checking the connection (stateless) - these are attacks like TCP / UDP amplification. Point filtering with connection checking (stateful) is carried out up to 600Gbps inclusive.

  • On extended protection, we have automatically activated the rules for the following list of games:

    Minecraft Java Edition — 25565-25765 TCP/UDP
    Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE) — 19130-19135/UDP
    Source Engine (CS:GO, GMod and etc) — 27005-27035/UDP
    GTA V RageMP — 22005/UDP
    TeamSpeak — 9987-9999/UDP
    SAMP (San Andreas Multiplayer) — 7770-7780/UDP, 8888-8890/UDP
    Raknet (Rust and etc) — 28001-28099/UDP

    If your application or game is not in the list, our specialists can add new filtering rules at any time of the day, this is not a problem. The list applies only to L7 protection, L3-L4 protection is active for all applications.

  • DDoS is a hacker attack on a system with the aim of bringing it to failure. For example, you have a website, it will stop working during a DDoS attack if the current hosting provider does not have protection. Similarly, with 1C databases, online services and other applications. Each DDoS attack is a big loss. We provide professional protection on each of our servers, it is already included in the price and you do not need to pay extra for anything. Your business is safe with us!

  • In your personal account, each service has notifications about a DDoS attack with its brief characteristics: power and type. They are for informational purposes and show you that someone tried to encroach on your business, because with our protection, no attacks are terrible.